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* What is a ... SAR (Script Analysis Report) is a 1-page objective analysis of the first 10 pages of your script. The Creative Executive hired by the investor or DE will evaluate the first 10 pages of your script, based on specific entertainment and business directives given them to identify and score (on a scale of 1-5) prior to reading your entire script.
Why it helps: writers are getting a SAR before submitting their script. It gives them the advantage of seeing the report and using it as a guideline for increasing their score and polishing their script.   

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Susan is the Sr. Creative Executive Writer for our Prime Vendor division. She works directly with investors and industry executives to provide objective analysis reports (SAR) that they request prior to a committee's approval for funding, or it being sent to production.

*** The same guidelines and format we use for their reports are used for this report.
Note: SAR report may not seem important, but if the first 10 pages of your script does not reveal answers to entertainment and business directives investors and industry executives want answers to, it’s a strong possibility that’s where the review process will end.
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Script Analysis Report

Some of the entertainment and business directives investors and industry executives want identified and evaluated using their guidelines, within the first 10 pages of a script
  • Entertainment and Business Directives: The Development Executive (DE) for investors, studios, streaming, cable, and broadcast provides a list of entertainment and business directives to a Creative Executive Writer (CE.)  The company receiving your script wants these directives identified in the first 10 pages of your script. The list is based on a company's specific needs for a specific genre, reach a targeted audience, internal budgets, ad sales, commitments to agencies for available talent and other factors.  
  • High Concept: What is the hook that makes the audience want to keep watching?
         a. example: think Law & Order or any film, series or genre; something happens half-way through page1 and makes                  the audience keep watching
  • What is the CQ (Central Question of the story.) This is the question that goes immediately to the heart of what your story is about, and the central question that will be evaluated within first 10 pages.
          a. example: will the main character be found not guilty or actually did it 
  • What is the Quadrant Level?
           a. Quadrant movie or series - A movie that appeals to all four major demographics both male and female, and both                 over and under the age of 25.
  • Is Script Evergreen (year-round) or Seasonal?
  • Does the genre meet current viewing trends