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BSI Produces Feature Films, Series, Streaming Content, Concept Videos, Info Commercials, Documentaries, Pilots, Trailers, Media Business Videos and Presentations

Trailers, Pilots, Concept Or Promotional Videos
Concept Video

Rates For Concept Videos 

  • Cost of a Concept Video Starts at $2,495.00 U.S. dollars and up.


Our Executive Producers Susan Flanagan  and Digital Supervisor Slavik I.A.  develop and create  digital content for  major Hollywood studios and production company.


Our EP, and premier digital supervisor, Slavik I.A. his works includes box office hits such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Falling Skies, The Mummy, Tron, Transformers, and more.​ He and the staff offer independents the same attention to their projects that we provide our industry clients.