Susan B. Flanagan Is Our Lead Executive Producers, Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Award Winning Producer .... Slavik I.A. Is Our  Sr. Executive Producer / Director / Visual Effects Supervisor  Has Created Visuals For Many of Hollywood's recent major box office hits.

a subsidiary of Brilliant Stories Inc.,

BSI Films creates, develops and produces feature films, series and content, as a Prime Vendor for major Hollywood and International studios, streaming, cable and broadcast stations.

We offer Independents the same feature film, series, content, script development and production service we provide our major studio and industry clients. Including, the ability and resources to submit / pitch your script to Investors, Streaming, Cable and Broadcast Stations.​


Now That Your Script Is Written

The Next Most Important Document Needed Is A Producer's Package 


Investors, Streaming(Netflix, Amazon, etc.) Cable (HBO, Showtime, etc.) and Broadcast Executives, Want To See More Than Your Script!

Our Team Can Help You!


We will provide a professional visual to show investors and industry executives the Entertainment Value of your script. 


BSI Films is a prime vendor for major Hollywood and International studios, streaming, cable and broadcast stations. Our division led by Susan B. Flanagan our Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Executive Producer, and Producer, we're retained to provide content script and production services for a variety of feature films, series.


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Bidwell Tyler, CEO

Executive Vice-Chair of the Board


 Our Emmy Winning Writer and Best Selling Author 


Adapts Scripts to Books and Books to Scripts

For Major Studios, Script Writers, Authors and Literary Agencies. 


We provide Beginning to End resources and guidance to meet all of your  needs.

Our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan will discuss your script and production needs and our ability to help you.
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