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BSI Films Is A Full Service Feature Film, Series, Content, Script Development and

Production Service Division Of 

Brilliant Stories Inc.

Previsualization & Digital animation by our EP Slavik I.A.


 Brilliant Stories Inc. (BSI) is an American Multi Media, Feature Film, Series and Content Production Corporation Headquartered In Marina Del Rey, California.


Our core businesses are focused on


  • Prime Vendor for major studios and broadcast stations: Creating, Writing and Producing Feature Films, Series and content for distribution across all platforms.

  • Gaming creation and production of concepts.

  • Media and Entertainment Services

  • Print: BSI specializes in Adaptation of Books to Scripts and the Adaptation of Scripts to Books  and Graphic Novels. 

      Book Publishing 


BSI Films Edits, Polishes and Submits Scripts (Feature Films, Series and Content) To Major Studios, Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, etc.) Cable, and Broadcast Stations.

BSI Films is also a Prime Vendor for investors, major Hollywood studios and networks. Our division is contracted to consult, create, write, develop and produce feature films, series and content for domestic and international, theatrical and broadcast distribution, across all platforms. 

We offer Independents these same professional services along with access and resources to submit their scripts to investors and studio, cable and network executives.

Is Your Script Ready To Be Submitted To Investors, Streaming, and/or Broadcast Executives?

They Will Want To See More Than Your Script.

Previsualization & Digital animation by our EP Slavik I.A.


Previsualization & Digital animation by our EP Slavik I.A.


BSI Studios has access to major Hollywood Studios and their sound stages, equipment, sets and lots for the filming of full length feature films, series, new media content, concept videos, trailers,  and pilots.


All productions are produced to meet theatrical and broadcast standards for domestic and international distribution across multiple platforms.


Adapting Your Script

To A Book or Graphic Novel! 

We provide beginning to end services and step by step guidance for adapting your script to a book!

Prove to investors, streaming and broadcast stations, the public wants to see your feature film or series by...


Adapting Your Script To A Book or Graphic Novel!


Having a Book or Graphic novel gives you the opportunity to:

  • Create revenue from the sale of your books!

  •  Build an audience!

  • And simultaneously continue to pitch your script to industry executives!

Our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan will discuss your script and production needs and our ability to help you.
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