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Script Rewrite

Script Rewrites Performed by Susan B. Flanagan, Emmy Winning Writer &

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Service Description

Script Rewrite Our Script Rewrite Includes: Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer and Show-runner Susan B. Flanagan is the writer that performs all Script Rewrites. Susan uses the same guidelines and standards our clients (investors, major studios, cable stations and networks) ask we follow, prior to them approving a script for funding or sending a script to series. When Susan is asked to rewrite a script, it includes a thorough beginning to end analysis, edit and rewrite of the script based on the concept, genre and your vision. Begins with a beginning to end evaluation, analysis and comparison of how your storyline is written with the concept and your vision of how you want the story visually told. • Review and evaluate if the concept and your vision is reflected in what’s written. • Evaluate and enhance scenes to make transitions smoother and more visual. • Enhance the dialogue to highlight the genre or a characters approach to a certain subject or scene. • Rewrite of scenes to reflect the strengths of the concept and storyline so that it appeals to the audience it's targeted for. • Look for scenes to cut or trim. Focus on dialogue that can be dropped or trimmed to enhance the scene description. • Evaluate the pace: A combination of dropping, switching, or reworking scenes to enhance the flow of the narrative. • Depending on the genre: determine which scenes a characters actions can be increased to match the genre, i.e. for a comedy does it need more jokes, if drama does it need more tension, if action, does it need more violence etc. • Our EP will also enhance the story-line so that it appeals to the business needs of investors or programming schedules of broadcast executives, it can be submitted to. • Based on the evaluation and analysis of your genre, concept, script and support materials our executive team will suggest the best options to pursue for funding your script and/or submitting your project to studios, cable or network executives.

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