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Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer ensures what is written meets industry standards & vision of writer.

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Service Description

* Susan is an Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Creative Executive and consultant to major studios and streaming executives. She provides objective analysis, writing, and development of scripts prior to executives determining if a script is sent to committee for licensing or production. All scripts are polished by Susan, and she will apply the same attention and standards when working with writers and Independents, that is provided our industry clients. • Rates for writers/Independents start at $995.00. To start a retainer **************************************************************************************** ***** To get started please contact our Executive Producer, Susan B. Flanagan. When polishing your script for submitting to a Development Executive, the first 10 pages of your script will determine if the review continues. This next step is where your writing skills have to go to another level. The following Q&A provides some of the information executives will want your script to reveal... Q. Why are the first 10 pages of your script important? A. Research has shown there is an extremely short amount of time a film or series has to grab, hold, and capture the imagination of an audience. That’s why most films and series tend to excite and grab the attention of the audience within the first 2 pages (first 2-3 mins) and the reason the first 10 pages of your script is so important (think of how the first scene in Law & Order opens). Note: In all cases, if your opening scene in the first few pages of your script does not capture and hold the attention of the Development Executive, odds are the review will end. For more information schedule a call with our Executive Producer.

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marina del rey, CA 90292, USA

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