Our Creative Senior Executive Producers Susan B. Flanagan / Is Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Award Winning Executive Producer and Slavik I.A. / Director / Visual Effects Supervisor  For Some of Hollywood's recent major box office hits.


Bidwell C. Tyler, is the CEO of both our North America and European Entertainment and business operations. The strategy set forth by our board is designed to continue to increase our market share as a film & TV content provider for a global market across multiple platforms.  


Don Anderson, Executive Producer, formerly a Senior Executive of Time Warner and lead executive of the team that helped create and launch the cable station HBO. Don now provides his experience, leadership skills and talents to BSI as a business executive, and executive producer for our feature film and content production division for our domestic and global operations.


Susan B. Flanagan, is an Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Executive Producer, and Producer. As the lead executive producer for our prime vendor division she and her team writes, creates and develops content for our major studios, streaming, cable and broadcast stations clients. These same professional services are offered to Independents.  All inquiries contact:  gigi@bsiproductions.com


Slavik Anishchenko, Executive Producer, Director, and Digital Artist Supervisor.  Slavik has  contributed to helping produce and visually create some of Hollywood's major box office hits such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Falling Skies, Transformers, Tron, Rise of the Apes, The Mummy and many others.  


Heath Chio is an executive producer with BSI representing our film production interest in Singapore, Australia and throughout Asia. Heath is also the founder of Medley Pictures Pte Ltd in Singapore that produces feature films, series and streaming content for domestic and international distribution.  


Asif Khan is an executive producer and writer with BSI Films. His creative visions as a writer and talent as an actor along with his ability to form film related business relationships in the U.S. and globally provides additional opportunities for BSI to continue expanding our film and series production capabilities to international markets.  


Matthew King-Ringo, Supervising Producer and Writer.  Ringo began his film and TV career as a producer and staff writer with a major Los Angeles production company acquired by BSI Inc. In his role as Supervising Producer and Writer with BSI his skills and talent continue to contribute greatly to the writing and production of content created and produced by BSI.


Eric Thomas, Writer / Producer - Has written for Family Guy, wrote and directed the production of the stage play The Insider’s Club and is the creator and writer of the TV thriller called Echo House. Eric career began as an accomplished author of the novel Darkness Falls and his poetry work is published in various collections including the well known anthology Soft Parade.


Previs and Visual Effects Supervisor / Our EP Slavik I.A. / IMDB

Box Office Hits Our Executives Have Helped Produce

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