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BSI Films offers Independents and writers the same professional writing, development, and production resources provided our industry clients along with services needed to submit film, series, and content to major studios, streaming, and broadcast companies. 

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Submitting Scripts To Streaming, Film, Cable, and Broadcast Companies

Our executive team has the experience and ability to develop and submit your project to film, streaming, cable, and broadcast companies.

What's Needed

To submit content to a film, streaming, cable, or broadcast company, the 

Our Development Presentation Package contains the information streaming, film, cable, and broadcasting companies require to meet the standards of their submission guidelines

  • To get started, please schedule a call to speak with our executive producer, Susan Flanagan​

  • Submitting your script to streaming, film, cable, and broadcast companies


  • Having a concept video, trailer, or pilot although not required is highly recommended, if your package does not have talent attached.

Please note: To ensure projects meet those standards, we only submit scripts developed by our team.

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Development Presentation Package

Our presentation package contains the information streaming, film, cable, and broadcasting companies require to meet the standards of their submission process

Dev Presentation
Get Started - Included

 * To begin our process, please contact Susan Flanagan, our Executive Producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Creative Executive and Consultant for major studios and streaming companies, to discuss your project.

  • Our Development Presentation Package starts at $2,195.00 and up.

  • Budget: Top sheet budget - created by line producer familiar with cost that are specific to production and budget needs of who it will be submitted to.

  • Executive One Sheet - Includes a summary that highlights information regarding the entertainment and business components of your project.

  • Submitting your script to streaming, film, cable, and broadcast companies. Our executive team has the experience, ability and access to develop and present projects that meet the requirements and standards set by each individual film, streaming, or broadcast company.

* To ensure projects meet those standards, we only submit scripts developed by our team.


  • Marketing support information such as a following of fans from the book version of your script, YouTube channel numbers, Podcasts following, or social media following.

  •  Concept Video (Not included): Highly recommended if you do not have signed talent attached to your project. Speak with our EP about adding this visual to your Presentation.

  • Script Analysis Report​ is an inexpensive report that’s recommended if you don't plan to get a script polish. Development Executives internally, sometimes order this report before reading a script.

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All scripts are written, developed, and edited by Susan Flanagan, our lead Executive Producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer, Showrunner, Best-Selling and Script Adaptation Specialist chosen by major Hollywood studios, credited writers and independents for the adaptation of scripts and books ... 

1Script Polish

When polishing your script for submitting to a Development Executive, the first 10 pages of your script will determine if the review continues.


This next step is where your writing skills have to go to another level.

The following Q&A provides some of the information executives will want your script to reveal...

Q. Why are the first 10 pages of your script important?

A. Research has shown there is an extremely short amount of time a film or series has to grab, hold, and capture the imagination of an audience. That’s why most films and series tend to excite and grab the attention of the audience within the first 2 pages (first 2-3 mins) and the reason the first 10 pages of your script is so important (think of how the first scene in Law & Order opens).

Note: In all cases, if your opening scene in the first few pages of your script does not capture and hold the attention of the Development Executive, odds are the review will end.


Q. What are the guidelines for writing and formatting your storyline Development Executives will seek to identify in the first 10 pages of your script.

A. Review the following.


  • High Concept: What is the hook that makes the audience want to keep watching? (a.) example: think Law & Order or any genre that has some type of action happen in the first page.

  • What is the CQ (Central Question of the story.) The script begins with an action, that creates the central question "who, what, or why." (a.) example: scene opens with an Amour Car being robbed, but only a box was taken (why.

  • What Quadrant Level is the script? ** Quadrant is defined as what demographic does it appeal to? - A movie that appeals to all four major demographics both male and female, and both over and under the age of 25 is a level 4.

SP-10 pages
Quad - HC - CQ
What is a Dev Pkg

Your script is not the only or even the first document Development Executives will read. The first document they will review is your

Development Presentation.

Click here if assistance is needed in developing and submitting your script

Q: What is a Development Presentation (DP)?

A: A DP is a concise overview of how your project meets the creative, entertainment, and production needs of the company you’re submitting to.

Q: What information to include in a DP?

A: Click here to view information executives will want to see.

Sample of what our Development Presentation looks like.

Q: Difference between a Development Presentation and a Pitch Deck?

A: Development Presentation focuses on how a script meets the creative, entertainment and marketing needs of the company you’re submitting to. 

a: A Pitch Deck tends to focus on the storyline and entertainment value of a script.

* Note: A DP may be called a different name by different executives, but the information that needs to be included in whatever you call it, is consistent throughout the industry when submitting your script. 


The Process For Submitting to

Streaming, Film, Cable, and Broadcast Companies


Phase 1. Getting Started: ​The following is needed.

  • Our Executive team will submit a script according to a company’s guidelines, standards, and needs that they determine is required.

  • Development Presentation.

  • Polished Script written to meet the current standards industry executives want to see.

 Speak with our lead executive if help is needed with any of the above steps.

Phase 2. Once the steps above have been completed submission process begins.


When companies have been identified for submitting your script to, information is sent to their legal office for approval prior to being sent to their Development Executive (DE.)

  • They will notify us once the information has been cleared and submitted to their Development Executive. ​


  • Request: This is a notification streaming and film companies send out daily and/or weekly to industry executives on their call list. It lets them know what genre(s) they're interested in accepting for review on that given day or week.  


  • Although there may not be a "Call" for genres of scripts like yours, this process will continue throughout the year.


  • In addition to receiving the above "notices/emails" we also review the contacts we have at other streaming, cable, and broadcast companies to confirm the current status for accepting genres your script falls under.


  • We also have contacts with major international film and broadcast companies that we will review and determine if a genre like yours meets their needs. 


Phase 3.  Short version of how the industry process works for accepting and reviewing scripts. 


  • Streaming, film studios, cable, and broadcast companies have complete control over who they accept scripts from, what projects they will accept, and when or if a project will be reviewed.  


  • All projects submitted by new or well-known producers go through that particular company's process, for review and evaluation. And yes, even well-known producers get rejected.  


  • All companies do not produce all types of genres. Therefore, your project will not be submitted to all companies  


  • All companies also make rules for the type of content they will accept for review or reject.   


  • If a project is "Passed" on, that company in most cases will not contact us. They only contact producers if they're interested in the content.  


  • We will submit a project to multiple companies if the script meets the needs of other companies. 


  • Submitting a script can take 1-2 weeks. All projects must first be cleared by their legal department to ensure they are infringing on any copyrights and/or licensing laws. 


  • If a project is "Passed" on, it does not mean the script does not have entertainment value. Most times, it means they don't have a need for it that time. In some cases, it may be sent to their inventory.  

Note:  there are no guarantees your project will be accepted and if it is reviewed if accepted.

Process Submit