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What To Include - Develop Presentation

What is a Development Presentation & Why is it needed?

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Service Description

Your script is no longer the only document or the first document that will be reviewed. Your Development Presentation is reviewed first. * ​What is a Development Presentation? Answer: It is the document that contains short and concise information about your project’s ability to meet the creative and production needs of the company you’re submitting to. * Why is a Development Package needed? Answer: Your project will not be accepted for review without one. Under the current process film, studios, and streaming companies have for reviewing projects. This document helps them determine if they want the review process to continue in a very short amount of time. * Information industry executives require is included in your Development Presentation. Name of your lead executive(s) their current and past production experience, IMDB credits from a major studio, streaming, or broadcast company. Executive One Sheet: Is a one-page line-item description of what your script is about. It includes a what genre is your script, one sentence log line, what it cost to produce, concept video one-minute run-time, and support information if available (book version of script, number of followers etc.). Script Polish: Your script should have a thorough review, evaluation, and edit (if needed and with writer's permission) by a writer with writing credits from a major studio, streaming or broadcast company. The polish should show how a script meets industry writing standards, if what's written meets the vision of the writer, and within the first 10 pages of the script shows it's ability to capture and hold the attention of the audience it's targeted for. Budget: Top sheet budget that is created by a Line Producer familiar with costs that are specific to the production and budget needs of who it will be submitted to. Although Concept Videos are not mandatory, they are highly recommended. Industry executives prefer having a visual of the concept over showing potential talent that could be attached to the project. Support material: Book version of your script, followers of your project on online platforms, social media etc. For more information schedule a call with our executive producer

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