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What Is A Pitch Development Presentation

Why is it needed? How does it differ from a Pitch Deck?

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Service Description

* Back to home page (copy & paste) / Your Development Presentation is a key factor in the initial process for reviewing your script and in some cases may determine if the review process continues or if a script is "Passed" on. ​ What is a Development Presentation? Answer: The Development Executive which all companies have, will want to know immediately, if the basics of their needs are being met. This document should provide them that information.​ * Click here to view a sample of our Development Presentation, * Click here to review what information is included in a DP? Why is a Development Package needed? Answer: This document provides specific information about how your script meets the creative, audience, marketing, and programming trends they want to target.  ​ What is the difference between a pitch deck and a Development Presentation? * A Pitch Deck is focused on the creative information about a script. Along with mentioning potential cast members, a comparison to similar movies, and other creative factors. * A Development Presentation is focused on how a script appeals to the audience they want to target, and highlights how it is able to meet its, production, marketing, and programming needs.  Development Presentation is a term used by insiders, to distinguish it from a pitch deck. The term Pitch Deck is still used by writers... and that's ok. Note: It does not matter what name you call the package you send them. However, it is important the information you provide meets the current needs of the company it's submitted to. ​ ​​

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