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Submitting a script on your own.

Submitting Your Script

  • 15 min
  • By Phone or Skype

Service Description

Submitting a script on your own. If you or a team member have credits from a major studio, streaming, or broadcast company as a producer or writer along with knowledge of what industry executives require for developing scripts for review. You can apply for permission to submit scripts. Some of the key factors to take into consideration when developing your Presentation for submitting to film, streaming, and broadcast companies. To begin with, industry execs have lessened the requirements for who can submit scripts. See below... What is a Development Presentations (DP) why is it needed, and how does it differ from a pitch deck? Do you need to know someone in the industry or have talent attached to your project? See Below ... Is it mandatory to have a visual or proof of public interest in your project? i.e. concept video, book version of script, channel on YouTube, social media followers, etc. What happens to my script once it's submitted to a film, streaming, or broadcast company? For assistance, schedule a call with our Executive Producer.

Contact Details

marina del rey, CA 90292, USA

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