Development Package

Industry executives want to see more than your script - This is needed

  • 30 minutes
  • Starts at $695.00
  • By Phone or Skype

Service Description

Why a Development Package is needed ... When potential investors, studios, cable, streaming (Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) and broadcast execs ask for information about your project, they want to see more than a script. In addition to a polished script, they want to see your Development Package * Development Package includes Basic Edit - Starts at $695.00 --------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- OPTIONAL - Not Included In Our Development Package • Script Polish - Script Polish - A Script Polish is needed for all scripts before they are submitted or pitched to investors, streaming, broadcast and industry executives. Our evaluation ensures what is written reflects your vision, that the structure has a flow from beginning to end, and that it appeals to the entertainment and marketing needs of the execs it will be pitched to. * Executive One-Sheet - is an overview and evaluation of the storyline's critical strengths, along with the creative and the business advantages that appeal to the individual the project is being submitted to. • Edit Log line and synopsis (if needed.) Log line should not be longer than 2 lines and the synopsis, should not be more than 10 sentences. • Budget - Top sheet budget / created by line producer familiar with cost for scripts to meet your production needs. • Support materials that help identify interest in your project, i.e. book sales, YouTube and social media followers. • Our Concept Video - Rate $1,850.00 is not included with our Producer’s Package, but it is discounted by 20% for independents receiving our Producer’s Package. Included in our Producers’ Package is information investors, studios and broadcast executives can review to determine if your script meets their entertainment and business needs.

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