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​​​Registration Fee Is:  $49.95


Step 1 -  Click "Buy Now" 

Step 2 - Fill out the form below to submit your script    

Submitting Your

Feature Film Script 


  1. All genres are accepted.

  2. Fill out the form to the left.

  3. Up Load Your Script as a PDF file. Other acceptable formats: Final Draft, Movie Magic, Word, .rtf, .txt. 
    Maximum file size: 50 megabytes


4. Click on "Buy Now" button to make payment. 

Basic Rules For Submitting Your Script


We accept email (electronic) submissions only. 


If there's more than one owner, only one owner should submit project.


If you have more than one script, submit each show separately. A new fee applies for each submission.


Scripts can be entered in both the film and TV categories.  Please follow the guidelines for submitting a project in the respective categories.


The script entered must not be under contract, sold, licensed and/or optioned at time of submission.


Film scripts can be 90 - 125 pages

Click here for Official Rules

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