Concept Videos / New Releases / Film & Series Production Services 


Rates For Independents Only

  • Cost of a Concept Video Starts at $1,850.00 U.S. dollars and up.


Our Executive Producers Susan Flanagan  and Digital Supervisor Slavik I.A.  develop and create  digital content for  major Hollywood studios and production company.


Our EP, and premier digital supervisor, Slavik I.A. his works includes box office hits such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Falling Skies, The Mummy, Tron, Transformers, and more.​ He and the staff offer independents the same attention to their projects that we provide our industry clients. 




  • Feature Films - All Genres 


  • TV Series - Scripted and Unscripted 


  • Pilots - Premier episodes - Full Series 


  • Trailers - Feature Films   

Additional Services                        


 Experienced film crews and Post production

•  Film, Series and Content Budgeting by credited and experienced Line Producers

      a. Production Schedules

• Logistics Management

• Post Production Supervision

• TV Budgeting Insurance

• Complete Editorial to Deliverables

• Location Scouting 

•Equipment Rentals

• Securing Permits

• ENG Crews

• Casting

• Transportation Crewing

Our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan will discuss your script and production needs and our ability to help you.
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