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BSI offers Independents professional script writing, presentation development, submitting scripts to film/streaming companies, adaptation of scripts to books and film, series, content production services. 

Development Package: Your script is no longer the only document or possibly the first document that will be reviewed.

  • The Development Executive which all companies have, will want to know immediately, what genre is your script, what is it about (log line in 1 sentence), do you have a visual (concept video) or support materials (show of public interest,) a top sheet budget, and what level quadrant is it?


This information is in addition to other information that shows how your script meets their creative and production needs.

Note: All projects will first be reviewed by a company’s legal division to determine if a project meets their required legal, creative, and content standards. This happens before it’s released for review to their Development Executive. Your Development Package will be a key component of this process.

  • Keep in mind, creative and business execs will review your project and don't have a lot of time. They have streamlined information you need to submit. The process is designed to make it a little more objective and easier to evaluate scripts.

  • Therefore, your Development Package must provide short and concise information about your project that helps them determine if it meets their creative and production needs.

Note: No matter what you call your package (pitch deck, bible, producer pkg., etc.) ...

  • Your Development Package must tell them what they want to know about your script and how it meets their creative and production needs. Before they look at your script.



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  • Script Polish: Click here to review why the first 10 pages of your script is critical to determining if your script is accepted for further review or passed on.  

  • Budget: Top sheet budget that is created by a Line Producer familiar with cost that are specific to the production and budget needs of who it will be submitted to.


  • Executive One Sheet: Includes a summary that highlights information regarding the entertainment and business components of your project.


  • Submitting your script to streaming, film, cable, and broadcast companies requires following the steps set by each company accepting scripts for review. Click here for details.​


  •  Concept Video: Highly recommended if you do not have signed talent attached to your project. Speak with our EP about adding this visual to your presentation.



Click here to view a sample of the SAR (on page 4.)

SP-10 pages

Script Development and Polish

Our Script Polish Includes a thorough review, evaluation, and edit (if needed and with writer's permission) of how a scripts meets industry writing standards, if what's written meets the vision of the writer, and its ability to capture and hold the attention it's targeted for. 
Why the first 10 pages of your script are critical to determining if a review of your project continues or is Passed on.  
  • The viewing audience has an abundance of great content available on multiple devices and platforms to capture their attention. Research has shown there is an extremely short amount of time a film or series has to grab, hold, and capture the imagination of an audience. That’s why most films and series tend to excite and grab the attention of the targeted audience within the first 2 pages (first 2-3 mins.)

The writing and creative structure of a script should reveal the following within the first 10 pages:

  • High Concept: What is the hook that makes the audience want to keep watching?

           For example: think of how an episode for Law & Order begins.

  • What is the CQ (Central Question of the story.) The script begins with an action, that creates the central question "who, what, or why. 

  • What Quadrant Level is the script? Quadrant is defined as what demographic does it appeal to. A movie that appeals to all four major demographics both male and female, and both over and under the age of 25 is a level 4 Quadrant.

  • Is Script Evergreen: Is a script that is tied to time and can be viewed any time of the year.
  • Does the genre meet current viewing trends?