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Our Award Winning Executive Producer and

Emmy® Award Winning Writer Susan B. Flanagan


Provides Script and Video Reviews and Evaluations For Films, Series and Content

Our reviews of written and visual content uses the same guidelines and standards we're required to follow for our studio and network clients.

We provide a one (1) page Executive Script Notes report for your review. Ordering our reivew also automatically enters you in our Monthly Drawing. Click here of details

Our rate for reviewing scripts and providing our Executive Notes ...

$195.00 U.S. Dollars


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Submit your payment for

$ 195.00  U.S. Dollars



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Fill out the form below to submit your materials.

  • Up Load Your Log Line and Synopsis as a Word or PDF file along with

  • The first 10 pages of your script.


  • Do not submit the entire script until requested to do so.


  • If you have a link to an online video clip, webisode, or website please type it on the form.


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