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Taking Your Script To The Next Level

BSI submits feature film scripts and broadcast series to Investors, Studios, Networks and Cable Stations.

​ Along with offering beginning to end professional script writing and editing services, development of Producers Packages, and film & TV production services (concept videos, TV series, full length feature films, pilots, and trailers.

BSI Films:

Our division is a prime vendor for investors, major Hollywood studios, cable stations and networks.
*  The following information is based on current assignments and guidelines our executive producers have received from our clients that include: investment group, major Hollywood studios and HBO, Lions Gate, Netflix, NBC, Showtime and investors. 
Now that your script is written here are the next steps to take





Create a producers package to provide investors or industry executives that say "send me information our your project." Based on our working relationship with investors and industry executives the following is typically the information they want to see:  

Details regarding what information to send, when asked to submit information about a project: 

  • Your script is a very important component of your presentation when speaking to investors, however, it is not the only important factors investors and executives want to see or know about your project. But when asked for you want to make sure it meets industry standards for review by investors and executives.
  • Prior to submitting a script or sending it to production, executive producers have an experienced writer review, edit and "polish" their script to ensure it meets both the creative vision of the writer and entertainment value of the party its submitted to.

This package includes specific information about the creative and business specs about your project. It also includes a one-page Executive Producers page, a top-sheet budget and overview of what project is about. This package also will help you create a strategy to identify who your script will be submitted to. For details of what should be included in your package  
This component is optional. However, investors and especially broadcast executives will often want to see a visual of your concept.


Questions you will want to be prepared to answer; such as:

  • ​What talent or collateral is attached to the project
  • They will want to review at least a top sheet budget (included in your producers package)
  • What type of investment is needed
  • Is there distribution, pre-sales etc. attached
  • How will the funding be structured to reduce speculation to protect their clients investment
  • Your executive team will develop these materials for you, guide you through the process and submit your project for you.
  • If you need assistance click here.


  • The same steps mentioned above for submitting to investors is basically the same for submitting to studios, cable stations and networks... but minus all the steps associated with seeking funding.
  •   polished script   *  concept video   *  producers package​


Note: The biggest advantage for independents submitting to broadcast stations is that they do not have to convince investors, talent and distributors to agree to work on their project!


Questions you will want to be prepared to answer; such as:

  • ​Does the concept appeal to the demographic it is targeting
  • Does it meet their programming needs
  • Can it compete against its competitors across multiple platforms to a global market.
  • Do you have a 30 - 60 second concept video or trailer (adds a visual of the entertainment value of your concept.)
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Submit Scripted & Unscripted Series to Studios, Cable Stations & Major Networks

Getting Started: 


Step 1.  Our process begins with a review of your script and/or support materials. This review allows us to provide you helpful information about the strength of your script, to whom the script can be submitted and the easy process for submitting it.  


Step 2.  Upon completion of your review we will schedule a time for you to speak with our EP and Emmy® Award Winning Writer to discuss details for submitting your script and what to expect from the investors or executives it's sent to.


Step 3.  To begin: Click here to choose an evaluation that best meets your needs.

Click here to choose an evaluation that best meets your needs
Independents / Submit Your Script to Investors

When pitching your script, to an investor or industry executives its’ critical your package provides information that captures their attention and demonstrates your script meets their investment and programming needs.

Provides Information Based On Standards They've Set For Accepting Scripts To Review!