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Executive Script Notes 

BSI Films is a Prime Vendor for major Hollywood studios, streaming, cable, and broadcast companies. We offer Independents the same professional script writing/editing, film/series/content development and production services we provide our industry clients.


Our division is led by our Executive Producer, Susan B. Flanagan, an Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer, Showrunner, Best-Selling Author, and Primary Writer chosen by Major Hollywood Studios for the Adaptation of Scripts / Books services.

For Independents wanting to submit their scripts to investors and industry executives, our executive team has the ability to present projects that meet their entertainment and business needs.

Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 

Executive Script Notes 

All scripts notes are evaluated by our lead Executive Producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer and Showrunner, Susan B. Flanagan.


For Independents:

Please Note: Executives and Investors do not read scripts but will ask for script notes prior to deciding their next step.


  • Executive Script Notes are inexpensive and extremely helpful in helping you determine if your script is marketable and meets the standards executives and investors will want to know prior to having your script sent for a full review.


To get started please see below to submit your payment of $49.95 and the first 10 pages of your script


Advantage for you:


  • The same guidelines and format Susan is asked to use by industry clients when preparing notes for them, will be applied to your notes.


  • This gives you the advantage of seeing the same information executives will want to see prior to deciding if your script will be sent to the next phase for further consideration.

Our Independent rate is $49.95

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