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All Scripts Are Reviewed By Our

Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Executive Producer, and Show-runner

Susan B. Flanagan 

For Our Review, Executive Script Notes

And Automatically Be Entered In Our Monthly Drawing!


The Rate Is $34.95 U.S. dollars.

Each month our executive producer selects a script(s) for developing and submitting to

Streaming, (HBO, Amazon, Netflix, etc.) Cable and broadcast stations!


Industry Executives and Investors Will Often Ask For Notes On A Script To Determine If It's Marketable...

Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Show-runner Susan B. Flanagan, provides the same written review and analysis of your script that's provided investors and our major studio clients.  

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Executive Script Notes Fee Is $34.95  

Submit Your Logline, Short Synopsis and first 10 Pages Of Your Script

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All Scripts Are Reviewed By Our

Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Executive Producer, and

Author of over 10 Books...

Susan B. Flanagan 


For Your Review and Executive Script Notes

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Offer ends April 12th at Midnight


Industry Executives and Investors Will Often Ask For Notes On A Script To Determine If It Meets Their Entertainment and Business Needs! Basically, notes are an 1 or 2 page overview of key components of a project executives want feedback on because the majority don't read scripts or books!

Terms and Conditions

Depending on the number of projects received, not all projects will be reviewed or responded to. All projects are reviewed and commented on, at the discretion of our executives.

By submitting your materials you are confirming that you've read, understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions stated herein. It is also agreed that delivery of these services do not guarantee your project will be licensed, invested including but not limited to, sold or produced by BSI, BSI affiliates, streaming, cable stations, studios or investors. 


Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 

What The Monthly Winner(s) Will Receive

  • Polished Script:  Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer and Show-runner uses the same guidelines and standards our clients (investors, major Hollywood studios, cable stations and networks) ask we follow, prior to them approving a script for funding or sending a script to series.



  • Scripts will be considered for submitting to Studios / Streaming (LionsGate, Netflix, Amazon, etc.) Cable Stations (HBO, Showtime etc.) and Broadcast Stations based on the interest, guidelines and programming needs of the party it’s considered being submitted to.​

  • Concept Videos are not included in this development package, but will be offered at a rate discount of 30%.

  • If Scripts are submitted to investors for funding there will be additional requirements to meet and require additional services. There are no guarantees scripts submitted to investors, streaming, studios, cable or broadcast stations will be funded or licensed.

Our Executive Script Notes

  • Our executive producer and Emmy® Award Winning Writer Susan Flanagan, is contracted to evaluate and provide Executive Script Notes for investors, studios and broadcast clients that are considering scripts for funding, producing or sending them to series.

  • When preparing Executive Script Notes for independents, in addition to a review of the creative story-line, we follow the same guidelines and standards investors and our industry clients have us follow when writing Notes for their scripts.​

  • This process also allows us to compare the strengths of a script’s marketability with those that industry executives have shown interest in funding or sending to series and identify who the script can be submitted to.


Independents are paying only for our Executive Script Notes And Are Not entering a competition or contest. 

  • Being automatically entered in our Monthly Drawing does not guarantee that script will be selected, also, scripts that are selected, our services offered are at the discretion of our executive producer. The guidelines and industry standards by which a script is selected are subjective and set by our executive producer.

  • Scripts receiving our Executive Script Notes, are considered for only for the month they are entered. It is not ongoing for every month thereafter. If the writer wishes to re-submit the same script or a different script they must submit a second payment along with the entry form.

  • Scripts selected will only include services chosen by our executive producer, and these services may change without notice. If writer wants additional services, applicable fees will apply. Development typically includes, script polish, top sheet budget and support materials. These materials are included in our producer's package.

  • Scripts will be submitted to streaming (Amazon, Netflix, etc.) studios (HBO, Showtime) and broadcast stations. If a Scripts is submitted to investors in a slate along with our films, it must first meet the criteria of the investor. Additional services will be required and are not included with this offer. 

  • If a script is selected there will not be a public announcement. Exceptions will be made if a request is made by our executive producer. 

  • Independents will be contacted if their script is selected.


​We accept only electronic submissions

Only independent scripts that receive our review and evaluation report (Executive Script Notes) are eligible for the drawing.

All genres of films, series, documentaries, unscripted, videos and books are accepted


  • Upload Your Log line and Synopsis as a word file, final draft, celtx or PDF along with the first 10 pages of your script.

If having trouble uploading your materials email them to / 


  • Do not submit the entire script until requested to do so.


  • If you have a link to an online video clip, webisode, or website please type it on the form.