Led by Susan B. Flanagan, our Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Executive Producer and Show-runner ...

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Submitting Your Script

To Streaming, Cable, Investors & Broadcast Stations

Now That Your Script Is Written 

The Next Most Important Step Is To Create A

Producer's Package 

When Submitting To Investors and Broadcast Executives They Want To See More Than Your Script!

Concept Video


In today's industry having a concept videos or visual is critical when competing for funding or submitting your project to be sent to series.


Our Services

  • Lead Writer Susan B. Flanagan, is an Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Prod.

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  • We Submit Your Script To Streaming, Cable, Investors & Broadcast Execs

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  • Script Polish is needed / Prior to submitting for funding, licensing o...

    Starting at $695

  • Includes Package and Submitting To Investors, Studios,

    Starting At $900.00

  • Sell the book version of your script

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  • Concept Videos show entertainment value of your concept

    Starting At $1,150

  • Script Rewrites Performed by Susan B. Flanagan, Emmy Winning Writer &

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  • Our Emmy® Winning Writer provides Independents the same SCRs provided ...


  • Our Executive Producer and Emmy® Award Winning Writer consults and wor...

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  • Susan B. Flanagan is an Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning EP


  • BSI Specializes in adapting Books to Scripts for Best-Selling Authors ...

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  • Prior to a script being sent to funded or sent to production this eval...

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