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Producers' Packages
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All In One Producer's Package 

Script Polish and Producer’s Package - $1,295 Film or Series 

  • Producer’s Package - $695.00

  • Script Polish / Feature Film - $795.00

  • Script Polish and Producer’s Package - This package saves you $195.



Script Coverage Report and Producer’s Package - $1,090 Film or Series

  • Producer’s Package - $695

  • Script Coverage Report $495

  • Script Coverage Report and Producer’s Package - $1,190

​Our Producers' Package includes:


  • Speak with our EP if a Script Polish or Rewrite is needed

  • Top Sheet Budget

  • Entertainment and business support information is included.

  • *Concept Video are not included with our Producers Package. Speak with our EP for options to include a video.

  • Scripts that meet the guidelines and standards set by *investors, studios, streaming and broadcast stations, will be considered for submitting to them

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Script Polish and Producer’s Package - $1,295 Film or Series (Savings $195)

Script Coverage Report and Producer’s Package For Both Film or Series - $1,190

  • Script Polish or Script Coverage Report:  A Script Polish is needed for all scripts before they are submitted or pitched to investors, streaming, broadcast and industry executives. Our evaluation ensures what is written reflects your vision, that the structure has a flow from beginning to end, and that it appeals to the entertainment and marketing needs of the execs it will be pitched to. 

  • Edit Log line:  1 – 2 sentences: If it's longer than 2 lines it may not get read. A short synopsis, 5-8 sentences. Chances are this will not be read, if the log line and synopsis is too long.

  • Submitting to streaming, cable station and broadcast stations: For 3 months BSI will assist in submitting your project to streaming, cable and broadcast stations that express a willingness to accept, evaluate and review your project based on their rules, terms, and programming needs for purposes of licensing, optioning, or producing content.

  • Optional: A Concept Video with a run-time of :30 seconds to just under a minute, for today’s industry by far the most effective visual to submit to investors. Based on our working relationship with cable stations, networks and studios (Amazon, Netflix, Lions Gate etc.) most presentations begin with showing a clip of the project.


  • Budget: Top sheet budget: created by line producer familiar with cost for scripts specific to your production needs. Our company and others tend to have 3 budgets, high, middle and low. Depending on who the project is submitted to, determines which budget they receive.


  • Support materials that help identify interest in your project. This includes but not limited to book sales, YouTube and social media followers

*If seeking investors or funding for your project and you do not have an agent, talent, director or equity funding attached to your project, securing funding will become an even greater challenge. Scripts that meet the standards set by investors will be considered for including in film slates our executives submit to investment groups. ​​


BSI Films  is led by Susan B. Flanagan our Executive Producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer and Show-runner.


  • Film Script Polish starts at $795.00 and up

  • Script Polish for series start at $595.00 and up


When is a Script Polish needed:

A Script Polish is needed for all scripts before they are submitted or pitched to investors, streaming, broadcast and industry executives. For a detail description of a script polish, see below.

Our Polish of a script follows the same guidelines and standards investors, streaming, broadcast and industry executive clients requires Susan to adhere to, when Polishing a script prior to them reviewing, approving it for funding or sending a script to series. 


Our Script Polish includes:

  • A review and evaluation to determine if what is written reflects your vision, appeals to the audience it is targeted for and meets the needs of the industry executives you plan to submit it to. 

  • Evaluate the flow, structure and strengths of the beginning, middle and ending of the storyline. We also perform an analysis of each scene to determine the smoothness of the transition to the next scene and it's overall impact on the story. 

  • Where needed, enhance the dialogue to highlight the genre or a character’s approach to a specific scene and it's appeal to the targeted audience.

  • Look for scenes to cut or trim. Focus on dialogue that can be dropped or trimmed to enhance the scene description.

  • Evaluate the pace: A combination of dropping, switching, or reworking scenes to enhance the flow of the story line.

  • Depending on the genre: determine which scenes a characters actions can be increased to match the genre, i.e., for a comedy does it need more jokes, if drama does it need more tension, if action, does it need more violence etc.

  • Final review and edits of entire script after all of above steps have been completed, to determine if it meets the vision of the writer and business or programming needs of the party it's being submitted to.

When is a Script Coverage Report (SCR) Needed?

Before submitting to investors or industry executives, it provides feedback on if what is written meets your vision and industry writing standards.  Our SCR is a summary of your script storyline based on what is written. Then we provide notes, recommendations and suggestions to enhance your script's entertainment and programming value for investors, streaming, cable and industry executives, based on who it could be submitted to. 

Susan will discuss with you her suggestions and recommendations for edits of your script. You can then decide if you want your writer to implement the recommendations or ask Susan to make the changes for you.

  • Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Award Winning Producer Susan B. Flanagan is the lead executive producer of our prime vendor division and works directly with our studio, streaming, cable and industry executive clients. 

  • As a prime vendor, we work directly with industry executives and provide a variety of script and production services and offer the same level of experience and attention to our independent clients.

*** Note: If you want a full edit and polish of your script prior to submitting to investors and broadcast executives ...  please schedule a call with our executive producer Susan Flanagan.