Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 

Our Producers Package Contains All The  Information Needed For

Submitting to Investors, Studios and Broadcast Stations 

Cost of a Producer's Package Starts at $850 and up U.S. dollars


  • Executive Overview of your script's entertainment value



  • Top Sheet Budget prepared by experienced line producer


Step 1.   Submit your retainer by clicking on the Buy Now button above.

The Rate For Our Reviews: 

$425.00 U.S. Dollars 



Step 2.  Fill out the form below to submit your materials.

  • Up Load Your Log Line and Synopsis as a Word or PDF file along with

  • The first 10 pages of your script.


  • Do not submit the entire script until requested to do so.


  • If you have a link to an online video clip, webisode, or website please type it on the form.

Our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan will discuss your script and production needs and our ability to help you.
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