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Your Script Is Written!

An Investor, Netflix, Amazon or Broadcast Executive Ask You To Send Them Information About Your Script.

What Will You Send Them?

Investors, Studios and Broadcast Execs Will Want To See More Than Your Script. 


The Most Important Steps To Take First Are ...

Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 


The Most Important Steps To Take First Are ...

  • Secure an Executive Producer with experience of developing projects and ability to submit your script to investors, studios and broadcast executives.

  • Have a Concept Video that provides a visual highlighting the entertainment value of your project.


  • Note: Our company just like major studios and other major production companies, we develop, package and use financial executives to help market slates of scripts to investment groups, hedge funds, banks, and investors.

  • Also, just like major studios and other credited production companies, we do not fund or invest in feature films. We submit to the institutions listed above.

Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 

Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 


Our rate starts at $1,500.00 U.S. Dollars​

  • A retainer is required to begin work

  • Rates will vary for a Script Polish or Script Rewrite

Our Producers' Package includes:

  • Script Edit is included in the Producers' Package


  • An Edit can be substituted for a Script Polish or Rewrite at a significant reduced rate

  • Top Sheet Budget

  • Producer's Package reflects an overview of the creative and entertainment value of your script investors and broadcast executives will want to see.

  • *Concept Video are not included with our Producers Package. Client's that order our Producers Package will receive 30% off our Concept Video rate. 

  • Scripts that meet the guidelines and standards set by *investors, studios and broadcast stations, will be considered for submitting to them


BSI Films  is led by our Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Producer and Show-runner

Susan B. Flanagan

  • Script Edit is included in the Producers' Package 

  • An Edit can be substituted for a Script Polish or Rewrite at a significant reduced rate

Our Script Edit Reports for independents are based on the same guidelines we're asked to follow when preparing reports for major studio, streaming and broadcast stations. In addition to a complete review of the format and spelling, there is an evaluation to determine if writing standards are met, does the dialogue appeal to the audience its targeted for, structure and flow of the story-line.


Additionally, we provide an analysis to determine if of what is written reflects your creative vision and meets the basic business needs of investors and the programming needs of streaming and broadcast executives.


Rates For Independents Only

  • Cost of a Concept Video Starts at $1,850.00 and up U.S. dollars

  • A 50% retainer is required. 

Our Executive Producers Susan Flanagan  and Digital Supervisor Slavik I.A.  develop and create  digital content for  major Hollywood studios.


Our EP, Slavik I.A. and premier digital supervisor, works includes box office hits such as: Pirates of the Caribbean, Falling Skies, The Mummy, Tron, Transformers, and more.​ He and the staff offer independents the same attention to their projects that we provide our industry clients. 

Previsualisation & Animation By Our  EP Slavik I.A. 

  • Script / edit and/or polish:  Prior to submitting your script to anyone, make sure your script has been edited and/or polished, to ensure what is written reflects your vision, along with the guidelines and standards set by investors, studios and broadcast executives. We recommend a polish if one has not been completed.

  • Executive One-Sheet: An overview regarding the critical strengths of your project, both the creative and the business advantages that appeal to the individual the project is being submitted to.​

  • Edit Log line:  1 – 2 sentences. If it's longer than 2 lines it may not get read. A short synopsis, 5-8 sentences. Chances are this will not be read, if the log line and synopsis is too long. 

  • A concept video with a run-time of :30 seconds to just under a minute, is for today’s industry by far the most effective visual to submit to investors. Based on our working relationship with cable stations, networks and studios (Amazon, Netflix, Lions Gate etc.) most presentations begin with showing a clip of the project.

  • Budget - Top sheet budget / created by line producer familiar with cost for scripts specific to your production needs. Our company and others tend to have 3 budgets, high, middle and low. Depending on who the project is submitted to, determines which budget they receive.


  • State if talent is attached: When submitting to investors, studios, cable stations or a network and seeking an equity investor or wanting to raise funds, having talent, director, production company etc... is helpful but may not be mandatory. It will depend on who you're submitting to and what they require.

If you do not have an agent, talent, director or equity funding attached to your project, investors and industry executives are still open to considering projects.


  • Does Your concept and genre meet their current investment and/or programming needs.

  • Does Your script targeted demographic meets current marketing trends and their specific investment and programming needs.

  • Do You have a unique approach to reach a targeted audience geared towards a specific market investors or executives want to reach.

  • Strong book sales is always a positive and potential influence for investors and film studios, given the number or films that are adapted to films and series. 

  • A marketable demographic on Social Media that has a “natural” following for your project that’s streaming online

  • A marketing plan that helps grow a following through social media, webisodes, etc...


  • Digital distribution plan and contracted digital partners

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