Susan B. Flanaga our EP, is an Emmy® Award Winning Writer

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Our Lead Executive Producer Susan B. Flanagan 

is an

Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Award Winning Executive Producer, and Show-runner   

To start our review of your script from beginning to end, attaching our report and providing a 30 minute consultation with our executive producer ...

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Rate for our Script Coverage Report: $395.00 / U.S.

Our Script Coverage Reports for independents are based on the same guidelines we're asked to follow when preparing reports for major studios and network clients. 


  • Complete review of the format and spelling


  • Comparison and Evaluation of the concept, story-line and writing; to standards investors, studios and broadcast executives have required of us to follow when providing reports for their scripts.


  • Does the dialogue compliment the audience its targeted for


  • Structure and flow of the story-line


  • Analysis to determine if of what is written reflects your creative vision and meets the basic business needs investors and broadcast executives want to see. 

What level of readiness is your script written … for submitting to investors and broadcast executives? Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Award Winning Producer Susan B....
Script Coverage Report
30 min

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