BSI Films is a subsidiary of Brilliant Stories Inc., is an American multimedia corporation, headquartered in Los.  Angeles, California with core businesses in the  media and entertainment industries. 

BSI Films is our core primary business. We are a prime vendor for major Hollywood and International studios, including streaming, cable and broadcast stations. We're contracted to create, develop and/or produce feature films, series and content according to the guideline and standards set by the industry. We now offer these same professional services to Independents. 


All feature films, series and content are developed and produced to meet domestic (U.S) and international distribution standards, including for broadcast and streaming across multiple platforms.

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The combined efforts of our executive producers and leadership of our business executives and staff help BSI meet the global demand to deliver quality Films, Series and content across multiple platforms to a worldwide market. Here at BSI we are excited about our current position in media and content production and market place. We’re also constantly updating our strategy for meeting the global demand for content that exist now and into the future.


Bidwell Tyler, CEO

Executive Vice-Chair of the Board