Our team adapts scripts to books for agencies, literary agencies, authors and credited script writers. We now offer the same professional adaptation services to Independents.


Our Emmy Winning Writer and Best Selling Author Susan B. Flanagan will make your debut as a published author a successful one!

Prove to investors, streaming and broadcast stations, there's interest in your project!

Having a Book or Graphic Novel

Gives You The Opportunity To:

  • Create revenue from the sale of your books!

  • Based on sales of your book, prove to investors, streaming and broadcast stations, the public has interest in your project.

  • Simultaneously continue to pitch your script to industry executives! 


Adapting Your Script

To A Book or Graphic Novel! 

We provide beginning to end, step by step process for adapting your script to a book, having your book published and then distributed by our major bookseller Barnes & Noble!


To Make Your Debut As A Published Author We Provide The Following:

  • Adapt Your Script To A Manuscript

  • Publish Your Manuscript Through Our Affiliate Word First Publishing

  • Distributed Through Our Partner and Bookseller Barnes & Noble


Within weeks 

Our Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Best-Selling Author that adapts books and scripts for major Hollywood studios, literary agencies and credited writers...


Will Adapt Your Script To A Graphic Novel 


  • Script Polish prior to formatting script to a Graphic Novel Manuscript.

  • Create a layout (storyboard) for your novel 


  • Determine the number of pages the Book will have.


  • Design Book Cover and graphics for the main characters of your graphic novel.


  • Book is proofed and sent to Word First Publishing (our affiliate) for formatting and then sent to Barnes & Noble for printing and distribution.

  • All Books Published By WFP (our affiliate) Are Distributed By Their Partner and Bookseller Barnes & Noble!


Rates For Our All In One Package Start As Low As $3,950.00

You Can Also Request Services On An Individual Basis

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