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BSI specializes in adapting scripts and books for credited writers, literary agencies and major Hollywood studios.


BSI in conjunction with Word First Publishing offers new and existing authors the same personalized beginning to end professional writing and book publishing services, our celebrity and professional clients receive. 

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We offer independents the same beginning to end professional writing and publishing resources we provide our major Hollywood studios, literary agencies, credited writers, authors, and celebrity clients receive. 

  • First:  Speak with our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan about your script and our next step to get started.

  • You don’t have to submit your script for approval. 

  • Our rates start at  $2895.00 and up.


                            Walmart, Target, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


  • You retain 100% of the rights and ownership of your script 


  • Royalties from the sales of your book go directly to you

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Our Process Starts With Answering Your Questions and How Your Script Is To Be Written


Adapt Script To Manuscript 


Step 1. 

  • Will your script be adapted to a book or graphic novel?


  • Will your script be adapted to a manuscript that is ghost written or co-authored?


  • Has your script been polished?


  • How many pages does your script have?


  • Will your book have under or over 250 pages?


  • Do you want your book to be 1 novel or have 2 or more volumes?



Publishing Your Manuscript

​Step 2.

  • Our process starts with a discussion to answer your questions and review the options you have for publishing your book. 


Typical steps WFP will begin once your manuscript has been approved by you and the terms agreed upon before sending it to our Publisher.


  • A design for your book cover will begin.


  • You can choose a publishing plan if you want to change the plan that comes with your service plan. 

  • Click here to review our rate plans for publishing your manuscript. 


  • All plans include publishing your Manuscript as an eBook, Hard and Soft Cover Printed Books. Additional choices are also available, i.e. audio or braille.  

  • Marketing your book. A discussion will outline options for marketing your book to a global market, including the advanced option of having your book available at over 40,000 retailers, stores and online platforms, i.e. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc., Walmart, Target, etc.


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