BSI adapts scripts to books and graphic novels for agencies, credited and independent script writers.


Having a book version of your script that is able to show public interest in your project, demonstrates that it has a built in audience in addition to having generated a revenue stream for you through book royalties.


Led By Susan Flanagan, Our Chief Editor,

Best Selling Author, and Emmy® Award Winning Writer  


Brilliant Stories Inc., Along With Our Publishing Division Word First Publishing, Provides Beginning To End The Services Needed To Have Your Script Made In To  A Book.


Our Team Provides The Following Services


  • Adapt Your Script To A Manuscript


  • Publish Your Manuscript In A Variety Of Book Formats … i.e.  eBook, Hard and Soft Cover, Audio etc.


  • Make Your Book Available To A Worldwide Audience By Distributing Your Book On A Variety Of Online Platforms i.e. / Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

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Advantages Of Adapting Your Script To A Book or

Graphic Novel

  • Have Control Of Marketing Your Project

  • Build An Audience For Your Project

  • Create Opportunity To Create A Revenue Stream From Book Royalties


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