BSI Films Along With Our Affiliate Word First Publishing

Are Film and Publishing Industry Specialists For

Adapting Scripts, Books and Graphic Novel

BSI Films Along With Our Affiliate Word First Publishing

Are Film and Publishing Industry Specialists For Adapting Scripts, Books and Graphic Novel

This division is led by Susan B. Flanagan acting Editor-In-Chief, Best-Selling Author, Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Executive Producer (BSI Films)

  • Susan is one of the leading Adaptation Specialist that Major Hollywood Studios, Best-Selling Authors, and literary agencies have chosen to provide the writing and Adaptation of their scripts and books.

BSI Films along with our affiliate

Word First Publishing a Concierge Full-Service

Traditional and Self-Publishing Company

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The first step is to schedule a call with our EP Susan Flanagan to discuss your script being adapted to a manuscript and details of how it will be published.

  • Rate starts at $3,950.00 and up. The rate may be impacted based on readability of the script, or if they want their book ghost written or co-authored, along with additional services they want added to writing the manuscript or publishing of their book.  

  • Click here to see some of the questions to be asked during your call


This package includes the following: 

  • Adapting your script to a manuscript and complimentary Debut Publishing Plan that provides the standard services needed to make your debut as an Author a sucess.

  • Adapting your script to a manuscript

  • Publishing your book

  • Design of your book cover

  • Printing your book as a soft, hard cover book and eBook

  • Distribution of your book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble online platforms. WFP also offers distribution options to have your book distributed at over 40,000 retail (Target, Walmart, libraries, schools etc.) and online book platforms worldwide. 


  • These services and more are available in their plans that can be customized to meet most budgets.


To assist in determining how to structure the cost of a Plan to meet your budget, please consider a response to the following questions 

  • Do you want your manuscript ghost written or co-authored? 

  • What genre is your script?

  • What Quadrant is your script? (The quadrants are demographics to whom a wide release might appeal to ... i.e., does it appeal to women, men, over 18 etc.,)

  • How many pages does your script have?

  • Has your script been Polished?

  • Are there photos or illustrations you want included?

Our EP will also answer questions you may have

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Phase 1: Adapting Your Script To A Manuscript​ Our Process:

1. The process begins with reviewing and analyzing the script. 1-3 weeks to read and outline script, depending on complexity and condition of the script/story.

2. Once the outline is complete and approved, we will deliver Chapter1 for approval and edits.

3. As new chapters are written, they are forwarded to creator for approval. An estimate of the time it will take depends on your availability for reviewing chapters and speaking with Susan.

4. Upon your approval of chapters that have been edited, the writing of the next chapters will begin.


5. Chapters from there are generated on a constant basis, until the book is done.

6. Once the entire manuscript has been completed and given your approval for print, the entire manuscript is sent to Word First Publishing for edit: 2 weeks

7. Creator is given manuscript for their final edits and approval; 1 week

8.If need be, one more edit will be performed.


Phase 2: Submitting your manuscript to Word First Publishing

​9. With your final approval of the manuscript, a Book Publishing Agreement will be forwarded to you for review and approval. The terms for sharing rights with your co-author will be included in the agreement and are open to negotiations.

​10. Upon mutual agreement to the terms and conditions of the Publishing Agreement, a publishing plan will be chosen or the complimentary plan (Debut Package) shall be used, the upload of your manuscript for printing and simultaneously artwork or photos for the front and cover of your book shall be approved by you.

11. Upon completion of all steps in section 10 above, a printed softcover will be sent to you for final edits and approval.

12. Upon your approval in section 11 above, your book is available to be published, printed and sold to the public.


Phase 3: Marketing and Promoting Your Book

This phase is key to letting a global audience know your book is available for purchase. Note: Marketing is not included in your cost, unless marketing services are requested and added to your invoice.

Once we are in Phase 2 of completing your manuscript and submitting it to WFP for publishing, Susan will discuss with you various options for creating your marketing strategy and options for you to consider.

Distribution of your book: Your current plan includes uploading your book to two platforms, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

There are many other distribution, marketing, and promotional services available to help you reach a broader audience. Susan will discuss the options available for your consideration.

Our company outsources these types of services. Each company provides specific services and fees are charged for these services. Susan will discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you based on the service you decide to use.

Contact us if you have any question, need additional information or clarification of terms or statements stated above.