BSI specializes in Adapting scripts and books for major studios, literary agencies and writers.

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Susan Flanagan is our lead executive producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer and Best Selling Author.


Brilliant Stories Inc.(BSI) Along With 

Word First Publishing (a division of Brilliant Stories)


Provides All The Beginning To End Script Adaptation and Book Publishing Services Needed For Adapting Your Script Into A Book or Graphic Novel!

Our Team Provides The Following Services:


  • Adapt Your Script To A Manuscript


  • Publish Your Manuscript In A Variety Of Book Formats … i.e.  eBook, Hard and Soft Cover, Audio etc.

  • Make Your Book Available To A Worldwide Audience Through Our Affiliates By Distributing Your Book On A Variety Of Online Platforms i.e. / Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, Apple etc.

Getting started

Step1. Speak with our Best Selling Author and Emmy® Award Winning Writer Susan Flanagan 


  • Our rates for adapting your script to a manuscript start at $2,500 and up. 

  • If needed, arrangements can be discussed to meet most budgets.

Step 2.

  • Will your script be adapted to a book that is ghost written or co-authored?


  • Will your script be adapted to a book or graphic novel?


  • Has your script been polished?


  • How many pages does your script have?


  • Will your book have under or over 250 pages?


  • Do you want your book to be 1 novel or have 2 or more volumes?


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