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Our Executive Producer and

Emmy® Award Winning Writer Susan B. Flanagan

provides script evaluations for

Independents, investors, major studios and networks

Our Script Evaluations in addition to a review of dialogue, structure and flow of the story-line it also includes an analysis of what is written to determine if it reflects your creative vision and if it conforms to Creative and Entertainment standards set by investors, networks and industry executives expect to see.


Executive Evaluation


In addition to a review of the dialogue, the structure and flow of the story-line and an analysis of what is written to determine if it reflects your creative vision, we also provide recommendations for increasing its appeal to investors, studios and network executives by identifying their needs prior to submitting your project.   ... To begin / click here ​

Presentation Evaluation


In addition to providing a review and evaluation of your script, we can also submit your feature film or TV script to studios, cable stations and networks. Our executive team will identify whom the project can be submitted to and their guidelines for submitting content then discuss the steps to take going forward ... To begin / click here 

Pre-Production Evaluation


Prior to production of films, TV shows, pilots, trailers and / or any production of content, it is critical that the script is reviewed, evaluated and edited for filming .

To get started please call our office and ask for Gigi / 310.496.5705 or schedule a day to speak with our executive producer by clicking here.

  • Prior to pitching any project for review by industry executives, we first must perform our Executive Evaluation of your script.


  • Upon completion of the evaluation, we then discuss who is accepting projects like yours and the next steps that we can take to submit your project.

  • To get started please click here and choose "Executive Evaluation."



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