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Brilliant Stories Inc. (BSI) is an American Film, Media, and Entertainment Corporation

Headquartered In Los Angeles, California



BSI principal U.S. businesses include BSI Films, BSI Productions, BSI Media Consulting Group, and Word First Publishing.
BSI Films: Our primary focus is on writing, developing, and producing feature films, series, and content for theater release, streaming, broadcast and across all major platforms for domestic and international distribution.
Word First Publishing: Our book publishing division Word First Publishing offers first time authors and published authors, the same personalized beginning to end services that include, manuscript writing, book publishing, marketing and distribution services provided our celebrity, professional athletes, business executives, and public figure clients.
BSI executive team is led by Bidwell Tyler, President and Don Anderson, Sr. Media Consultant. The executive creative team led by Susan B. Flanagan VP/ Executive Producer, and Slavik Anishchenko Executive Producer/Director, together have helped create and produce some of Hollywood’s most recent blockbuster films and broadcast series.
The combined efforts of our leadership, staff and crew continues to help BSI meet the demand to deliver quality content across multiple platforms to a worldwide market. Here at BSI, we are excited about our current position in the media marketplace and the strategy for meeting the global content demand that exist now and into the future.
Bidwell Tyler, President
Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors
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Principle Businesses
BSI Films
BSI Productions
Consulting Group
Word First

Brilliant Stories principal businesses include:


BSI Films

Our primary focus is on creating, developing, and producing feature films, series, and content that meets domestic and international standards for theater, broadcast, and streaming release across all major platforms.


BSI Productions - Has professional crews and privileges to film at major domestic and international (i.e., Sony Pictures, Paramount and others) studios for any size budgeted project. Our team has the capabilities to produce feature films, series, streaming content, projects needing special equipment, sound stages, sets, credited crews, expendables, and all other key personnel to meet your production and post-production needs. 


BSI Media Consulting Group 

We provide every size and type of business (privately held, Fortune 100 corporations to recently started and every size in between) with professional video or production quality broadcast footage for presentations of any size including but not limited to:  infrastructure projects, real estate sales or construction, announcements for expansions, bids for contracts, launch of new products, info commercials for domestic or international broadcast and documentaries.  


Word First Publishing 

WFP offers beginning to end book writing, editing, and publishing services for new and existing Authors. We specialize in co-authoring and/or ghost writing for celebrities, politicians, business executives, public figures, and the general public.

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