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Adapting your script to a book!

For independents if no one is accepting your script, if your project has no box office talent attached, no equity and/or accredited production company backing it, adapting your script to a book is an option to consider. At the very least, it is another way to promote your project without needing permission or assistance from an agent and has the potential of creating a revenue stream from book sales.


Advantages and disadvantages of adapting your script to a book


Some advantages:

  • There’s the potential for creating a revenue stream from the book sales, while simultaneously continuing to pitch and submit your script version to  investors and industry executives.

  • No pitching, no need for an agent, no approval process. You control and decide how and when to have your book published.

  • You retain all rights to your script and manuscript for your book. This will allow you to self-publish or you can submit the manuscript to a traditional company.

  • The internet/technology has streamlined the process for publishing any type of book in any format; hard/soft cover book and/or as an e-Book.

  • Regardless if an investor or network shows interest in your project or not, your royalties from book sales will continue as long as anyone is buying your book.


Some Disadvantages:

  • Keep in mind, not every book will have big sales numbers or make the Best Seller’s list. Just like not every script that is written gets funded, licensed, or a TV show becomes number one in ratings.

  • Costs: We've spoken to many independents that said adapting their script to a book and then publishing it took time and effort, when tried without help. Determining the amount you will pay for assistance in getting your book edited, published and marketed will depend on your knowledge of writing, marketing, and promoting your book.

  • Traditional or self-publishing: Getting a literary agent is equivalent to trying to get a film agent, which is why self-publishing is a viable option to explore. Additionally just like a film or TV script; not every book will be profitable, and although the cost is minimal compared to development and production cost of filming a  60 second trailer; some books will not even cover their cost of publishing and marketing.


For many, writing the manuscript for your book can be achieved with little or no help. Once your manuscript is complete, additional decisions for editing and publishing will need to be made.  We recommend contacting BSI to answer your questions and/or provide assistance.

Christian, VP of BSI

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Q&A interview with North America and International Investors and Buyers

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My name is Elyse, I'm a producer with (BSI Media & Film Productions)

For this post ...  I had a candid conversation with investors from the U.S. and Syd Shaffer from Europe.

Mr. Shaffer and his team have helped raise funds for some of the world’s top grossing films, including several major projects that our executive producers – Slavik I.A. and Susan B. Flanagan have helped develop and produce. He agreed to answer a few questions I had about funding independent projects. His comments are below.
*Warning … Syd has a colorful way of talking.
  • Elyse: What chance does an independent really have of getting a film funded?
  • Syd: They have the same chance as anyone else in this room, if their plan has the right people presenting it and they play by the rules.