Adaptation of Scripts and Books

BSI Films along with our affiliate
 Word First Publishing (a Concierge Full-Service Publishing Company) have combined professional resources to provide first time writers and existing authors beginning to end adaptation, writing, editing, and book publishing services. Our division is led by Susan B. Flanagan our Executive Producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Best-Selling Author, and Adaptation Specialist for Major Hollywood Studios, and Literary Agencies.
Our Script Adaptation Package 
Includes all the resources, guidance, and beginning to end publishing services needed for you to become a
Published Author!

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Adapting Your Script To A Book Is A 3-step process.
  • Adapt your script to a manuscript.
  • Have a publishing company print and publish your manuscript.
  • Market your book to a global audience.​​
Once your manuscript is ready for publishing, The manuscript is then published through our affiliate Word First Publishing.

WFP is a concierge book publishing company to new authors, celebrity, politicians, business executives, public figures, published authors, and professional athletes. They provide beginning to end personalized book publishing services. This package includes their Debut Plan and includes: Printing, Publishing, Book Cover Design and Distribution of Your Manuscript, and more.
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The Difference Between

Ghost Writing and Co-Authoring

Your Manuscript


Ghost Writing / Susan is one of the leading Ghostwriters chosen by celebrities, politicians, business executives, published authors, and sports figures for the writing of their manuscripts and publishing their books through our affiliate Word First Publishing.


Our Ghostwriting service provides the writing of your manuscript on your behalf, and we will not receive any credit for doing so and only your name will be stated as the author.


In exchange for not receiving credits or royalties, this service is charged at a premium rate.


Co-Author / is a collaboration our author. Based on how you want our writer to help with writing and structuring the writing and format of the storyline with you. 


If you wish our author to write the entire manuscript that too can be provided. Susan has the experience and talent to ensure the writing of your manuscript meets the same writing standards used for Best-selling Authors and reflects the vision you want portrayed in your book.

  • The rate for this service is less than the cost for ghostwriting a book.

  • Terms for Royalties from the sale of book, will be based on conditions set by the writer and co-author.

Phase 2: Publishing your manuscript with

Word First Publishing

​9. With your final approval of the manuscript, a Book Publishing Agreement will be forwarded to you for review and approval. The terms for sharing rights with your co-author will be included in the agreement and are open to negotiations.

​10. Upon mutual agreement to the terms and conditions of the Publishing Agreement, a publishing plan will be chosen, or the complimentary plan (Debut Package) shall be used, the upload of your manuscript for printing and simultaneously artwork or photos for the front and cover of your book shall be approved by you.

11. Upon completion of all steps in section 10 above, a printed softcover will be sent to you for final edits and approval.

12. Upon your approval in section 11 above, your book is available to be published, printed and sold to the public.


Phase 3: Marketing and Promoting Your Book

This phase is key to letting a global audience know your book is available for purchase. Note: Marketing is not included in your cost, unless marketing services are requested and added to your invoice.

Once we are in Phase 2 of completing your manuscript and submitting it to WFP for publishing, Susan will discuss with you various options for creating your marketing strategy and options for you to consider.

Distribution of your book: Your current plan includes uploading your book to two platforms, Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

There are many other distribution, marketing, and promotional services available to help you reach a broader audience. Susan will discuss the options available for your consideration.

Our company outsources these types of services. Each company provides specific services and fees are charged for these services. Susan will discuss the advantages and disadvantages with you based on the service you decide to use.

Contact us if you have any question, need additional information or clarification of terms or statements stated above.