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Our Process For Adaption

BSI Films along with our affiliate Word First Publishing

a Concierge Full-Service Traditional and Self-Publishing Company 

Schedule A Call With Our Exec Dir. Susan Flanagan

Offers first-time and existing authors the same professional and personalized beginning-to-end adaptation, manuscript writing, and publishing services that are provided to our existing clients such as, major Hollywood studios (books-scripts), celebrities, politicians, business executives, published authors, and professional athletes.  

Getting Started
Adapting Your Script To A Noel
Schedule A Call With Our Exec Dir. Susan Flanagan

All scripts are Adapted and written into a manuscript by Susan B. Flanagan our Executive Producer, Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Best-Selling Author, and one of the leading Adaptation Specialist for Major Hollywood Studios, and Literary Agencies.

Included In Pkg.
Adapt Script To Book
Adapt Script To Book
Adapt Script To Book
Adapt Script To Book
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Adapt Script To Book
Adapt Script To Book
Adapt Book To Script
Adapt Script To Book

Process for Adapting Your Script To A Novel 

What is needed from the Writer.

1. Screenplay in original format, Final Draft, Celtx, Word, etc.

2. Any notes, research, materials pertinent to the manuscript, if factual statements are being stated.

3. Pictures and/or captions you have for the interior of the book, if any. Not mandatory.

4. Once the manuscript has been written, send over your headshot and biography.

If any materials are sent in a PDF, it will affect the amount of time it takes to complete step 1 of our adaptation process.


Brief overview of our Process.


  1. The process begins with reading and analyzing your script. An outline is then created for adapting your script to a manuscript.


  1. The outline is a key factor in the adaptation of your script to a manuscript. It serves as the blueprint for writing your manuscript.


  1. Your manuscript based on the outline will incorporate the storyline of your script, add story points to enhance its readability as a book, along with identifying the number of pages and chapters the book will have.


* We cannot proceed with the writing of your manuscript until you have reviewed, discussed, and given your approval of this outline to proceed. Your outline is estimated to be completed mid to late next week.


  1. Once the outline is approved. The writing of Chapter 1 will begin. Upon its’ completion, it will be sent to you for your review and discussion with Susan regarding your comments, changes (if needed) and questions.

* I will keep you posted on when to expect chapter 1.

5.When you approve chapter 1: The next step is to send you several chapters at a time to review and comment on. This is to ensure you agree with how the storyline is written.

6.Chapters from there are generated on a constant basis, until the book is done.

7.Completion of this phase of our process will depend on the time frame you choose to review the chapters and give approval to proceed.

8.Once your manuscript is completed, the next step is to begin the publishing phase of your manuscript.

9.Included in your package is our complimentary publishing plan (Author Debut Plan) offered by our affiliate Word First Publishing. A Traditional and self-publishing company.

9.Please click here for more information regarding WFP and details of what is included in your plan.

Schedule A Call With Our Exec Dir. Susan Flanagan

Adapting Your Script To A Novel!

All-Inclusive Adaptation Of Script to Manuscript and

Beginning To End

Book Publishing Package

Adapting Your Script To A Graphic Noel
Getting Started
Getting Started
Publish Manuscript

Adapting Your Script To A Manuscript For A Graphic Novel


Phase 1. 


To Start, schedule a call with our Director and Executive Producer Susan B. Flanagan​ our Emmy® Award Winning Writer, Best-Selling Author, and one of the leading Adaptation Specialist for Major Hollywood Studios, will discuss your vision compared to how your script is written.

  • Cost: Our Adaptation Package for Adapting A Script To A Manuscript for a graphic novel, starts at $5,500 and up (this rate is only for the adaptation of the script to a manuscript.)


* In addition to services included in this package, it also includes samples of background art, illustrations, and captioning on each page of your graphic novel.

The following will be discussed during your call with our Director.

  • Adapting your script to a manuscript.

  • Discussion regarding your vision compared to what is written. Editing to script is included if needed prior to adapting to a manuscript.

  • Do you want the manuscript ghostwritten or co-written?

  • What is the title of your novel?

  • Discussion regarding your script, and vision compared to how the script is written.

  • Strength of marketability of the genre

  • The number of pages you want the novel to be.

  • Is it a series?

  • How many primary characters are there?

  • Is the lead male or female?



Our Process
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  • Phase 2. Publishing your manuscript through Word First Publishing. WFP provides publishing plans that can be tailored to meet a variety of distribution services that are provided new and best selling authors.

  • Phase 3. Marketing your book to a global audience. Speak with our team and review the marketing plans available on WFP.

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