BSI Films Adapts Books To Scripts For Studios, Agencies, Literary Agencies, Authors and Credited Script Writers. We Now Offer The Same Professional Adaptation Services To Independents.


Our Lead Executive Producer, Emmy® Winning Writer and Best Selling Author Susan B. Flanagan ...


Also Has The Ability To Guide and Provide The Professional Resources To Develop and Submit Your Script To Studios, Streaming (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc.,) Cable and Broadcast Stations!  Industry Executives! 

There Are 2 Phases

Phase 1. Adapt your manuscript to a script.

Phase 2. Get your script developed, package and submitted to studio and broadcast executives.


Phase 1.  Adapting Your Manuscript To A Script

  • Starts with a discussion with our Executive Producer.

  • Depending on the number of pages the book has, the script can be completed within approximately 6 -10 weeks.

  • Our rates for adapting a manuscript to a feature film script starts at $3,500 U.S.


  • Our rates for adapting a manuscript to a Scripted Series starts at $2,500 U.S.


Work begins on your project with a 50% retainer and the remaining balance is due based on terms and conditions arranged to meet most budgets.

Phase 2.  Now That Your Script Is Written, What Is The Next Step?

  • For the guidance and resources needed to help you get your script funded, licensed and produced, begins with packaging your script and submitting it to industry executives.

Our Executive Producer Susan Flanagan will discuss your script and production needs and our ability to help you.
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